Self validating bug dating questiosn

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Hi, I have question on using the question validation and question validation tip.I have the following questions in my survey: - numerical question: q Val - array with 1 subquestion and 5 radio buttons with codes 1 to 5: q List I would like to validate the q List as follows: if q Val=0 and q List option 4 or 5 are selected, the question is not validated and a tip should be shown I inputted the following when editing the q List question: Code in the question validation box: ! NAOK)Could this be a question type or EM function related issue?

self validating bug-49

It is also a good idea to select , which will look for points that are more than 32,767 units away from the next nearest point.The various font file formats also expect glyphs to adhere to certain rules that simplify placing the text on screen, and fonts that break the rules can cause unexpected problems.An example of this type of issue is that all of the points on a curve should have coordinates that are integers.It is a very good idea to check as well; although modern font formats can support two intersecting paths, curves that insect with themselves are not allowed.In addition, if a glyph has any self-intersecting paths then Font Forge cannot perform the test. These checks all relate to references, in which a glyph includes paths from another glyph.

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