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It is a PHP5 rewrite of PEAR HTML_Quick Form and related packages. In theory methods are case-insensitive in the HTML, but in practice some broken browsers require the method name to be in all uppercase.The same technique applies for any form field where multiple values can be returned.Example 7-7 shows a revised version of our personality form that is rewritten to use checkboxes instead of a select box., in which the results of a query are accompanied by a search form whose default values are those of the previous query.For instance, if you search Google ( for "Programming PHP", the top of the results page contains another search box, which already contains "Programming PHP".The HTTP specification says that GET requests are cache the response pages for GET requests, because the response page doesn't change regardless of how many times the page is loaded.

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So now you're wondering, can I make multiple selection form elements sticky? You'll need to check to see whether each possible value in the form was one of the submitted values.This is a repository for PEAR HTML_Quick Form2 package that has been migrated from PEAR SVN.HTML_Quick Form2 provides methods to create, validate and render HTML forms.Example 7-8 shows a new version of the multiple selection checkboxes, with the form made sticky.Although this form looks just like the one in Example 7-7, behind the scenes, there are substantial changes to the way the form is generated. It takes three arguments: the name for the group of checkboxes, the array of on-by-default values, and the array mapping values to descriptions.

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