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Last semester, I was struggling in my statistics class and one young man offered to help me whenever I had a test, or didn't understand the material. But I was not even attracted to him, and I didn't think of him of more than a friend.Soon, I was telling all my friends about him and about how great he was.We know of many thriving, happy marriages where the partners come from different cultures.But, it isn't as simple as accepting each other's differences and going on to have a wonderful life together.Assuming that you've identified at least some differences, the next step is to learn about these differences and figure out how to reconcile them.This can be a little more complicated than it sounds.

But I never envisioned (and I don't think my family envisioned) me marrying a Sefardic man.

In reality, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it does not make sense for Jews of different cultures to date each other because it might be difficult to reconcile their cultural differences.

So the real question is how to know when cross-cultural dating is a good idea, and how to deal with the practicalities of accepting and reconciling two people's different backgrounds, customs, expectations, or even worldviews. Jews from different cultures can and do have successful marriages, just as do cross-cultural couples who are not Jewish.

It doesn't matter so much if their geographic or ethnic backgrounds are not exactly the same.

The key is that they have compatible value systems, expectations, and goals for the future.

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