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Our states have experienced the hatred and injustice of racism—for example, the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot in Oklahoma and last year’s tragedy at Mother Emanuel in Charleston, just to name a few.

However, our states today have progressed in race relations and reflect the growing cultural and ethnic diversity of America.

We don’t solve race tensions and community unrest by ignoring it.

We must start by realizing that our personal perspectives are different.

We suggest the first step could be something we call “Solution Sundays.” Americans do not really get to know their neighbors and fellow citizens at a rally or a big event, we get to know each other typically over a meal, especially in our home.

What if Americans intentionally chose to put our prejudice and broken trust on the table by putting our feet under the same table?

It is harder to stereotype when you know people first-hand.

Congress has many issues, like our federal debt, a sluggish economy, rising health care costs, and flat incomes.

Unity and trust must be accomplished in our families, local communities, churches, and families.And we also have advocated for providing more educational opportunities for every single child, no matter their background or zip code.We also are fighting to make sure states and local communities make educational decisions that are best for their communities.In the coming weeks and months, community leaders and elected leaders will discuss solutions to violence, racial tension and lack of opportunities in many of our communities.Substantive policy conversations will take place regarding support for our police, criminal justice reform, racial reconciliation, mental illness, a seemingly growing culture of violence, and jobs.

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