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FRANKFORT – Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Director David A.Byerman today issued this statement: “I would like to address the speculation about whether taxpayer dollars were used to settle any sexual harassment claims reportedly made against former Speaker Jeff Hoover and others.Disbursements to settle legal claims can only be made when authorized by the Speaker and President on their joint authority, pending ratification by the full Legislative Research Commission in an open meeting.

Current solar energy policies in at least 15 other states have also proven costly, he said.“Our analysis found that private solar credits are shifting costs on to less affluent customers,” said Ross.

Kentucky would become at least the sixth state to pass Marsy’s Law—named for Californian Marsy Nicholas, who was stalked and killed by an ex-boyfriend in 1983—should Westerfield’s proposal make it through the 2018 General Assembly.

Passage of the bill would clear the way for the proposed amendment to go on statewide ballot next fall, leaving the decision of whether certain victims’ rights should be embedded in the state constitution up to the voters.

Other energy sources “base load” the electricity grid “to be there when the intermittent sources are not providing power,” said Gooch, co-chair of the Natural Resources and Energy Committee.“We don’t receive any general fund appropriation,” Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) Executive Director Edwin King told the Interim Joint Committee on Local Government during an Oct. “With an abundance of appreciation for the task at hand in the next budget session, I won’t be coming before you to ask for any money.” King and his colleagues at KHC—a quasi-governmental agency whose income comes primarily from sales of tax-exempt mortgage bonds and fee income from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD—appeared before the committee to talk about one of his agency’s specific missions: community revitalization, which includes the rehabilitation and reuse of vacant, blighted and abandoned properties.

Among the KHC revitalization projects reported to the committee by King and KHC Deputy Executive Directors Lisa Beran and Jeremy Ratliff were the Scholar House program (which provides affordable housing for single parents who are full-time students until they finish their higher education), the 14-site Recovery Kentucky residential substance abuse program, and three projects in Somerset, Springfield and Owsley County in which KHC partnered with state agencies and local cities and counties to replace or renovate blighted property, King said.

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