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We dance in a new landscape calling up our dreams of a world where women breathe and walk and live freely.Where they are deeply valued, where their bodies are sacred, where the obstacles to them rising are erased.Since 2013, One Billion Rising has put out the call to overhaul, challenge and demand change in a social system that inflicts so many forms of violence and injustices on women.Activists have staged RISING events, bringing the issue front and center, garnering worldwide media attention, changing laws, and demanding justice and an end to the rampant impunity that women survivors of gender based violence face.

In the United States, some rose to demand wage increases for restaurant workers who are paid .13 and rely on tips to support themselves, which contributes to the fact that sexual harassment is more rampant in the restaurant industry than in any other economic sector in America. Veterans rose across America for an end the rape in the military. Millions rose to end poverty, racism and imperialism.

By dancing and rising, local communities shine a light on the rampant impunity and injustice that survivors most often face.

Activists DANCE to: show outrage at the alarming statistics of violence and impunity happening worldwide; as a creative means of demanding accountability and justice; and as an energy that also boldly states that we, as an activist community, will no longer condone systemic violence and injustice.

Trans women rose to end the murders and violence they routinely face.

There was a rock dance revolution in Vegas and a tango revolution in Italy.

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