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Watching my husband grapple with Kimber’s story tells me that the drive of a biological parent to protect his child is even stronger. My husband and I have joined her crusade to rid the schools in Las Animas County of sexual predators, and we will not rest until the children of Las Animas County—your children—are safe from harm by those in positions of trust. Reamy equal time as there are other sympathetic avenues available to those whose views oppose those expressed here; but I also think it would be a shame to deny the world a glimpse of those who hold a differing view than the one presented here.

That said, commenting here is a privilege and all comments on this blog are moderated because too many people on the internet forget how to be decent and courteous to someone who doesn’t share his views. I am the final arbiter of comments, and if I deem comments as inappropriate I reserve the right to remove them from my blog.

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The first time I read this, I understood clearly why he seated me in the front row, directly in his line of sight, the first day of class.Learn More Servicios de La Raza serves as an integral part of the heart of the Latino community in Metro Denver, a trusted and accessible community resource strategically linked with many of Metro Denver’s schools and churches.Dear Citizens of Trinidad, CO: You owe it to your children to critically examine the repeated allegations of sexual assault against multiple members of the former coaching staff from Trinidad High School over a span of several decades.There are singles using Zoosk in Las Animas County looking to meet people to date.Internet dating is a fabulous way to meet someone special.

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