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"If you approach the situation as, 'I'm concerned about you,' that opens more doors."As communication technology has become pervasive, "teen dating abuse has skyrocketed," says Jill Murray, an author of several books on the subject and a psychotherapist in Laguna Niguel, Calif.

She's seen a case of a teen logging more than 9,000 cellphone calls and text messages monthly.

It also offers guidance for parents and friends of teens who appear to be in an abusive dating situation.

Had such a site been available for Kendrick Sledge, she might have made a quicker exit from her first relationship, a four-month ordeal when she was 14."We started officially dating through Instant Messenger," she recalls on a break between classes at Boston University.

After the breakup, Sledge typed the words "controlling boyfriend" into an Internet search engine. I had no clue teen dating violence even existed," she says.

By her senior year she was ready to write a thesis about it and start educating her high school peers. Now Sledge is sharing her story through the Liz Claiborne task force.

Luckily I never took him up on that."Only in hindsight could Ms.

Sledge see how manipulative he was – telling her no one would love her the way he did, threatening to kill himself if she left him.

A much smaller percentage of parents reported that their teens had had such experiences."Dating violence has always had this core feature ...Singer Joni Sledge, who with her sisters recorded the enduring dance anthem We Are Family, died at age 60 at her home on Friday.Sledge was found dead in her home by a friend in Phoenix, Arizona, the band's publicist, Biff Warren, said on Saturday.Kahn has frequently heard teens say that their boyfriend or girlfriend gave them a cellphone with prepaid minutes; one couple recently told her that to show their love, they've swapped Web-page passwords.Her group encourages young people to reflect more on what's appropriate at various stages of a relationship, how to establish boundaries, and to honor their own sense of independence.

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