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"I've owned my ps3 for a year now, and tonight I decided to use Home.

I didn't know what to expect, since I've pretty much paid attention to zero coverage.

They usually construct little bits of the game world for you to run around in with some mini-games and challenges. " I like it, mostly because of those retarded people, you know. The ones who thought it was gonna be a game and not a Avatar chat/community thing that Sony said it would be. The idiots who thinks that everything that i on a console is a super AAA Game. Geesh, those guy who are so stupid that their parents wish they didn't have the kid in the first place Wait.. However, the game-based spaces for Uncharted, Infamous, Buzz, and more are actually quite cool. Is it a fun little time waster that you can experience free after a quick download? So, download a couple and see what gems you can find. I think people too often go to extremes on things like this. Home is not brilliant; I'm not even sure it's good. Its probably a lot better now in comparison, but I never reinstalled it and I have no pressing desire to. I made his avatar into a female and hit on a bunch of random dudes, sending them friend requests and messages.

though some time ago they launched this Sodium one place (I think this is how it's called) that actually has a pretty fun game going on there, basically you controll a tank and shoot stuff, but it's pretty frantic and at times challenging, you can also upgrade your tank and whatnot, but then i got to lvl 5 and learned I would have to buy stuff to play the rest of the game, so I just said eff it and never used home again, that was also last year if I'm not mistaken.

" Not only is there nothing to do, there's clans in there doing nothing. People are queuing up but I manage to make it to an arcade game. I go further into the mall and look at the store stuff. "I went to the theater, bowling alley, and the mall.

This guy once asked me to join his clan and to do so I'd have to go buy an Altair costume from the mall, made me LOL so hard, anyhow does anyone know what a Home clan does? maybe it's childish, ok it most certainly is childish, but there's nothing quite like interrupting conversations with dancing or being a terrible poor sport in all the stupid games like bowling by thumbs-downing people in the face" I'm assuming you only went into the main plaza. There's bowling, arcades, and some weird saucer thing in the main part. The fact that you have to download a room before you enter was kind of a boner killer.

"You've discovered what people who experienced Home when it was new found out. I walked around the main plaza, and then departed to some of the game specific zones last time I entered.

Unless you like dancing with random strangers, it's not worth the load time. It was worse then, absolutely nothing to do but walk around and watch Twilight trailers.

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