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The next post in this series is part #8.[Above: Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory's AMS (Accelerator Mass Spectrometry) control console computer terminal[5] just before, or just after, it had on displayed the alleged hacker's bogus radiocarbon age of the Shroud, "640 years"[6], which was then calibrated to "1350 AD"[7].

(now Prof.) Timothy Jull is in the green jumper, and the alleged hacker, Timothy W.

It is my emphasis below unless otherwise indicated.

E., 2014, "Were the radiocarbon dating laboratories duped by a computer hacker?

Each run consisted of a 10 second measurement of the carbon-13 current and a 50 second measurement of the carbon-14 counts.Anyway, the machine we used at that time couldn't have been attached to it, and that one still isn't."First I was (and still am) surprised (indeed amazed) that two Professors, who are Directors of major radiocarbon laboratories, would bother responding to anonymous (Farey said he did not give them my name) blog comments.Jull" (see reference [9] below), while the final calibration was "done offline and plotted on a graph," as I did in part #4, the actual "calculation of results for each 15-minute run" was done by the "DEC computer system." This was confirmed by Prof.Jull's surprising, misleading and false response to my hacking proposal.Timothy Jull, Director of the Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory,[Left: Prof.

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