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In the two images below, women’s bodies are presented as a particular type of object: a canvas that is marked up or drawn upon.

The damage caused by widespread female objectification in popular culture is not just theoretical.

For purposes of this section, the term “abuse” means the occurrence of one or more of the following acts: a.

Attempting or committing assault, battery, sexual assault, or sexual battery; b. As of May 2017, 42 states had enacted provisions similar to those described NAIC model acts while another six (Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Tennessee) had outright adopted an NAIC model.

A constellation of symptoms associated with physical and emotional trauma could conceivably be used to deny health insurance coverage or health care.

Rape and sexual assault are legally not allowed to be used as pre-existing conditions for health insurance.

Placing another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury by physical menace; c. Physically or sexually abusing a minor child; or e. Tirado told us the debate over whether the AHCA would turn rape into a pre-existing condition is a “linguistic” one: When you think about the fact that you don’t have all of those things happen — trauma and bruising and bleeding and also STD checks and also have to have a full battery [of tests], those things happen pretty rarely in the course of a day-to-day existence that doesn’t involve that kind of violence.

The question is actually what is the effect going to be and not what is the stated intent. Y., said she was raped last year and then penalized by insurers because in giving her medical history she mentioned an assault she suffered in college 17 years earlier.

And like objects, “more is better,” a market sentiment that erases the worth of individual women.

The breasts of the woman in this beer ad, for example, are conflated with the cans: Likewise the woman in this fashion spread in , in which a woman becomes a table upon which things are perched.

She is reduced to an inanimate object, a useful tool for the assumed heterosexual male viewer: 3) Does the image show sexualized persons as interchangeable?

We now have more than 10 years of research demonstrating that living in an objectifying society is highly toxic for girls and women.

I’ll describe that research in Part 2 of this series.

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