Shinhwa dating history

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In early 2006, Mun was injured on the set of MBC drama Wolf, resulting in it being pulled off air after four episodes.

Mun was injured whilst shooting a scene, near Namdaemun in Seoul, where he was to save co-star Han Ji-min from being run over by a car.

Another Oh Hae-young team was rewarded a trip to Thailand after the drama ended.

He did not re-sign another contract with Top Class Entertainment and no longer has any running of group Stellar whom he helped the management to produce and promote the original line up.In 2015, Discovery of Love was nominated for the 2015 Rockie Award in Melodrama category alongside 30 Vies (Canada), East Enders (UK), Grey’s Anatomy (USA), My Sunshine (China), and Mysterious Summer (Japan).In an 2015 Instiz discussion post about viewers' favorite drama characters, Mun's Kang Taeha Discovery of Romance stays in top 10 at #6.In March 2012, Mun reunited with his Shinhwa bandmates for their comeback after four years, under the management of Shinhwa Company.The group released their tenth studio album The Return on 23 March 2012, On February 8, 2013, Shinhwa’s agency announced the group’s 2013 Shinhwa Grand Tour: The Classic to commemorate the group’s 15 years since their debut was revealed. Mun along with Shinhwa won Mwave Global Star Awards for their music comeback.

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