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'He looked really down in the mouth towards the end.'It's believed that Rooney's wife, Coleen, was out of town with their sons, seven-year-old Kai, three-year-old Klay and one-year-old Kit during the gambling spree.

Daily Mail Online has contacted Rooney's agency for comment.

In 2008 he lost £65,000 in a two-hour gambling spree at 235 Casino.

The casino trip reportedly came after United's Europa League home win over FC Rostov on March 16.

Five years later I absolutely love being an out bisexual man: I love being able to flirt with both sexes!

It is very very empowering to present oneself authentically – to one’s spouse, friends, and the world at large.

He kept losing but that just prompted him to bet more.'Onlookers were 'stunned' as they watched gambling-mad Rooney, who reportedly gets VIP treatment in the casino, chase his losses.

Rooney's pictured above during the UEFA Europa League semi-final, second-leg football match between Manchester United and Celta Vigo at Old Trafford stadium in Manchester on Thursday'He was cursing under his breath and seemed to be in his own little world - fixated on the tables and all the machines around them,' a witness said.

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