Skype hot chatrooms

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It's open-sourced, released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported license.

Messages are encrypted inside your own browser using the AES-2-bit asymmetric keys.

Within an hour of inactivity, all encrypted data is securely wiped (however, it doesn't state what method is uses to wipe data).

Do you want to remain anonymous when using this chat room?

You can also send encrypted images to selected recipients.

The new i Pad is really an amazing communication tool.

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They can be useful, but the setup can be quite time consuming for those who need to use it just once or twice—and the privacy statements are a real bother. You could use Fake Name Generator, but if you get caught, you will have your account suspended.However, this is still not as simple as using Ctrl TAB for example...:( #Single Instance force #If Win Active ahk_class t Sk Main Form ; ; This Skype shortcuts will make pressing Ctrl Up and Ctrl Down work ; to switch between conversation windows.I've searched the web and through Skype forums, and can't find anything.There's something under the Tools → Accessibility menu that is called "Extended Keyboard Navigation" – but what that does seems to be a mystery as well. With ALT 1 and ALT 2 you can select the list of contacts/conversations, then use up/down to select a contact, and either space to see the conversation, or enter to get into the conversation (meaning that the focus will go into the edit box).

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