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In Somalia, they were nicknamed "The Fortune Men" because they promised to bring wealth back home.As they had always intended to go back to Africa, many of the first Somalis in London didn’t learn English, and they have been slower to establish a formal community here than many other ethnic groups.They tended to settle in cities with ports, including Cardiff, Liverpool and London, where they put down roots in Tower Hamlets.Accounts of the time show that many of these seamen only planned to stay in London long enough to make some money before returning to their families.

She reads alongside her friend and poet-translator Clare Pollard from their new collection , published by the Poetry Translation Centre and Bloodaxe Books.Somalis first came to London during World War IThey are the only people of Arab-African ethnicity Today, it is estimated, there are around 70,000 Somalis living in the capital, with the largest group of some 10,000 people, in Tower Hamlets.Whilst a lot of Somalis came to London as asylum seekers, fleeing civil unrest in their country, many are second, third and even fourth generation Somalis.In the ensuing period, the British government maintained diplomatic ties with the newly formed Transitional National Government and its successor the Transitional Federal Government.It also engaged Somalia's smaller regional administrations, such as Puntland and Somaliland, to ensure broad-based inclusion in the peace process.

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