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All underlined event titles are links to a website with more information.

As the name implies, this is in fact the product of a worldwide organization: the World Science Fiction Society. Well, for complex reasons, most Worldcons include a Regency ball. Also, "skilled reenactors such as the Tennessee Militiaman demonstrate the war of 1812 and the Creek war of 1813-1814 the first weekend of each month and the second week of November beginning November 6th." We Make History.

In the past the ball has taken place on a Saturday in October in Pasadena, with a theme each year.

Admission is by pre-registration only, so be sure to visit the web site for more information and a registration form.

A five-piece brass band provides music for waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, country dances, and more. The ball and dance workshops will be led by the well-respected Regency dance expert Susan de Guardiola, who will lead "lively country dances and Scotch reels along with the Caledonian Quadrilles, and the scandalous Waltz." Sunday brings an afternoon of Regency-era games accompanied by still more refreshments. A pre-1840 living-history encampment where reenactors set up and live in camps portraying and demonstrating life skills of various Early American cultures (British, Irish, Scottish, Spanish, and Native American).

As of this writing the website is down, but try this events listing. Past events have included an 18th-century Christmas open house and a 12th Night Ball, 18th-century attire only. "At last year's gathering, over 1,000 lodges were set up, housing well over 1,600 people.

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