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Reid is also worried about the fact that his mother's illness can be passed on genetically (He told Garcia); he once told Morgan that "I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind" (2x11 Sex, Birth, Death). He has also been held hostage, drugged, and tortured at the hands of an Un Sub with Dissociative Identity Disorder(2x15 "Revelations").He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and is very adept at all card games; and due to practicing magic in between college courses, he has a sleight of hand and make small items quickly appear and disappear. It is made clear that most of the team are aware of Reid's drug addiction problem that he developed from the forcible drugging during captivity, but he seems to have improved over the following episodes, and he apparently has been clean for ten months at the end of season three ("Elephant's Memory").Hotch kicks him repeatedly, allowing Reid to grab his gun from his ankle holster and shoot Dowd in the head, killing him (though we find out later Reid was aiming for his leg).We learn that Reid has been with the BAU for 3 years, and that he attended a Las Vegas public high school at the age of 12.In season 4, Reid is investigating the 1984 slaying of a boy, Riley Jenkins. Morgan gives him a whistle on a string and tells him if he needs anything to blow.Morgan says "My math says you'd be around four at the time." Currently putting Reid in season six at around 29 or 30. At the end of the episode he shoots an unsub who is holding him, Hotch and an A&E department hostage right in the middle of the forehead. K."1x09 "Derailed"1x10 "The Popular Kids"1x17 "A Real Rain"1x18 "Somebody's Watching"1x22 "The Fisher King (Part 1)" 2x01 "The Fisher King (Part 2)" 2x06 "The Boogeyman"2x11 "Sex, Birth, Death"2x14 "The Big Game"2x15 "Revelations"2x16 "Fear and Loathing"2x17 "Distress"2x18 "Jones"2x19 "Ashes and Dust"3x12 "3rd Life"3x14 "Damaged"3x15 "A Higher Power"3x16 "Elephant's Memory"Episode 1x01, "Extreme Aggressor," Spencer Reid is introduced as the youngest member of the BAU.

Reid is nervous and the suspect gets upset and goes for Reid, but they restrain him as Reid speaks about the man's past.Current Residence: District of Columbia -- possibly in or near Van Ness (6x16)Vitals: Reid is a genius who graduated from a public high school at age twelve and went to Cal Tech (with Yale as his safety school) at thirteen.It was stated in episode 7x04 "Painless" that at some point Reid has also graduated from MIT, and although the writer of the episode (Breen Frazer) acknowledged in a twitter chat this was a mistake, it has not been corrected onscreen and is therefore still canon.Reid and Hotch then become involved in a hostage situation, held at gunpoint by Un Sub Philip Dowd.Hotch pretends to blame Reid for it, tauntingly calling him "boy genius" and asking Dowd's permission to "kick the snot out of" Reid.

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