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A nice alternative, more commonly available, is the 40-inch Letter "I".Its lift capacity of 18g is quite tight for a camera version, but it is possible without the camera or with an extra lean build (like powering both camera and propulsion from the flight battery, see last step).I usually put the up/down on what is normally the "throttle" (because a stick without auto centering is convenient here), the main propulsion on the "elevator" and the left/right on the "ailerons" (on a mode 2 transmitter).The receiver gets wrapped in sellotape too, before attaching it too the middle of the 1 mm carbon rod with a little more sellotape. Part of one strip of sellotape is covered with another layer of sellotape, sticky side to sticky side.Most often you can still pull it out by moderately pulling on the wires.

It's theoretical work, so in my spare time I like to do practical, hands-on things.A note on the helium: for these small blimps pure (99% or something like that) is strongly recommended as there is little buoyancy to spare.But where gasses like "Ballonal", a mixture of helium with nitrogen used to be popular, nowadays almost all balloon shops work with pure helium.Protect the circuit board from accidental short circuiting by wrapping a single layer of tape around it.Test by connecting to the receiver with the propellers left off.

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