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*Photo – Palestinians paid tribute to the 3-year old Syrian boy who drowned while fleeing the Syrian war, by building a sand sculpture of him on a beach in the Gaza Strip.Dozens paid tribute to Aylan Kurdi by re-enacting the heart-wrenching scene of how his body was found washed ashore.

India and Sri Lanka will soon be facing combatants who have gone to the middle east for training and fighting these radical extremist wars; it is in India’s and Sri Lanka’s interests to coordinate intelligence efforts to make sure such foreign hate filled destructive ideologies do not spread in multi-ethnic, multi-religious democracies such as India and Sri Lanka.

The influx of refugees of a different culture, values, and ethnicity will cause long term social and political problems for all the European nations who are now accepting refugees.

Germany has said it may absorb nearly a million refugees.

Secular democracies triumph religious theocracies and dictatorships any given day.

Sri Lanka is a developing nation and it cannot say much about this sort of global crisis.

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