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The 5s is a flagship phone that flies off the shelves.If DOCOMO ends up not making any in-roads with a device that is so adored in Japan, it will have only itself to blame. The newly-introduced Evernote Market heavily features Japan, just look at the video (and for those who know her, let’s see how many times you can spot Mika, the marketing director of Evernote Japan).It’s almost ironic that au/KDDI would push this offer so strongly, since they’re so adamant on marketing their 800MHz LTE band …a band that the i Phone 5 lacks.Note that the networks are offering great discounts on the 5c, they just seem to first be wanting to clear the 5 first.

It’s the first time we have a standardized device on all three carriers in Japan.

Truth to be told, it could have meant a cutthroat price war—the three operators react to each other’s pricing like symphonies—that would have not created any real winners in the end (beside the customer), though I’m not certain that Soft Bank or au/KDDI would have wanted a situation where there was basically no differentiation between the 5 and the 5c.

The other important factor, an unknown one, is the terms signed with Apple.

I have the feeling that DOCOMO is not making the best job out of the i Phone The lag in getting the carrier email to work on the device (not mentioning it’s not through a push method) but also the perceived lack of traditional DOCOMO offerings of back-ups, battery support and other services (through the Premier Club for instance) might partially explain this.

But, again, I sense its marketing being at fault, probably because of a last-minute deal with Apple leaving no time to truly build any strategy.

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