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Stuttering is often socially misunderstood as a sign low self-esteem or bad parenting (in fact, it’s neurological).And it’s rare to meet others who stutter in your geographical area as many try to hide their impediment.During his keynote speech at the 2010 National Stuttering Association conference, he said: Make and build upon small acts of courage I attended my first podcasting conference in Toronto a few months before launching Stuttering is Cool in 2007.As you can imagine, stuttering can definitely add another element of anxiety in networking.

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Men and women experience shame differently based on the social pressures created by society.Women are expected to be perfect and well put together without looking like they’ve spent a lot of time on it and men are expected to be tough and good providers.For men, stuttering is often misunderstood as a sign of weakness.Even though I was nervous inside about getting through small talk, I was being viewed as a confident man. Pursue your interests The more I pursued my interests, put myself in speaking situations and let myself stutter openly and explain what was going on, the more positive feedback I got and the more I enjoyed being in my own skin.I also got to enjoy some unexpected opportunities — and more speaking challenges — such as giving presentations at conferences and being interviewed on national TV and radio. My friend, Grant Meredith, is a repeat winner of the lecturer of the year award at his university.

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