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And for girls you probably did better off if you’re named Hannah, Emma, Lauren, Julia or Emily.But we’re assuming you don’t want to change your name just to fare better on a dating app (but hey, we won’t judge). Bumble released a post with a ton of info on what their users are into – which they are able to gain from a combination of your interests (which they pull from Facebook), the new contextual photo filter feature, and user’s overall profiles.First Tinder gave us info on the most right-swiped names of 2016.

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So while Tinder had a higher amount of daily swipes and matches at the two-year mark, Bumble’s users are spending more time in the app than Tinder’s users did when the company was two years old.Instead, write down a few generalizations that would make a potential mate a good match with you.For example, if sports are your life, it might be wise to seek a sports fan.And if you feel like moving to a new city to up your dating odds, Bumble said that NYC, LA, London, Chicago and Toronto are the five most active cities.Now that Bumble is just about two years ago, we can start looking back and comparing it to where Tinder was at its two year birthday.

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