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Swansea residents were recently named as the best in the UK for acts of neighbourly and community kindness, and what better place to call on support for a project like Spark Something Good.” Spark Something Good is part of M&S's Plan A, developed following research and dialogue which revealed that getting involved in community projects enhanced people’s lives.

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Did you know Wales is a hotbed of creativity and entrepreneurship?If you would like to sign up to take part in the Spark Something Good project or find out more, visit the dedicated website, developed in partnership with the social network for social good.Volunteers can also sign up for Spark Something Good Swansea, by calling 01.Clement said: “He got Newcastle and Brighton promoted. “He’s a good coach, you can see by the way his team plays.“They’ve got a good spirit among them, are well-organised and play in a certain way.

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