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Priya and Manveer first met on a Halloween night out in Nottingham city centre on 31 October 2007…and they married eight years later on 31 October 2015.Their first date was going to watch a horror film at the cinema and have been together ever since.

In their third year the relationship became official and after being together for two years, Sarah moved to Peterborough from Berkshire to be with Lee.They got to know each other over the first couple of months and were together by Christmas - with a gentle nudge from Annie!Annie and Becci both attended the wedding, as did lots of other alumni - all from Simpsons Halls - including James Brigham, Martin Bonney, Duane Rodney, Elliot Clayton, Mohit Mitra and Helen Mc Cabe.Laurence went on to work on large-scale infrastructure projects and has subsequently started his own business.Laurence proposed to Emma on a later visit back to Sweden in October 2013.

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