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The plot thickens in the extortion scandal haunting Kevin Hart.

We recently learned an extortionist had access to a video that might damage the 36-year-old comedian's reputation.

When the video first came out, there were rumors the woman on camera was the person trying to blackmail Kevin Hart for millions of dollars.

However, Montia Sabbag reportedly denies having anything to do with the creation of the video.

We’re all good - don’t worry about it,' before adding that Khloe's lighter hair in comparison to her sisters has been a long-running 'family joke' regarding her paternity.

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But a review of clinical trials from Purdue University published in December found quite the opposite.

The report demolished said eating more than the recommended daily amount of red meat does not affect short-term heart disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and cholesterol.

In fact, they found unprocessed red meat to be a good source of nutrients for patients.

The simple six-step quiz tots up answers to a range of known risk factors, including alcohol intake, red meat consumption and smoking.

Users of the Healthy Heart Score (HHS) are then told of their estimated risk of going onto be plagued by the world's biggest killer.

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