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I haven’t seen a drastic increase in the amount of traffic coming to my blog from Shoe Money’s Blog, maybe because very few people give notice to the Top Commentators List, and the plugin is mostly used to reward the commentators in terms of passing some Google Page Rank.All together, I got 20 referrals from the blog in the last 2 days 😛 Despite the lack of traffic and referrals, getting on Shoe Money’s top commentators list has drastically improved my Technorati Rank and Authority.The whole idea is to be consistent and leave useful comments on the blog, which are not deleted as spam by Shoe Money 😉 The responses at my Technorati Profile increased a lot due to Shoe Money’s Blog getting regularly spidered by the Search Engine Bots, which is why my Blogs Authority increased by 15 by just getting on Shoe Money’s Top Commentators List.My next goal would be to maintain my position on Shoe Money’s Top Commentators list in the coming days and weeks and also get on the Top Commentators Lists of other high PR Blogs.Now people browsing sites like Technorati or Sphere can find your most recent posts! Services like Technorati spider your links to track who links to you and who you link to; almost in real time. Many of the services offer their own forms for pinging their own service, but keeping track of all those services is a hassle.

Sphere) would help with monitoring the real-time web.Winner will be sent payment by Paypal so it is necessary that you have a Paypal account for this, to avoid any complications later on 🙂 Here’s what you have to do Simply copy and paste the following on your blog to be considered as an entrant to the contest. Some interesting facts This contest is an excellent idea for link baiting as it has spurred a lot of excitement among bloggers and website owners.Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! Here’s what I found out doing a quick search and checking on Technorati: People are entering the contest like crazy.Just a quick look at the reactions at Technorati shows some very interesting results.Just yesterday, the contest got 7 – 8 more entrants as more and more people are blogging about the contest on their blogs. I’ll also help promote the contest so he reaches his minimum 50 entrants limit soon, although I’m sure he must have reached that mark already 😀 The post will also be visible on my Digital Point Profile in the Recent Blog Post Feed link, so hopefully a lot of new webmasters will be able to signup from there!

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