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mcjj1zmgbb0 YJZg/SMWDq PZT_w I/AAAAAAAAFjs/kg-pan Sd YYI/s400/Uh, it's a guy with pianos and fake drums singing sad songs that I like to make fun of, but also like to be desperately in love with. Can someone upload Keep Your Heart by The Loved Ones?

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I'M LOOKING FOR: The Busters Loui Vetton Three Chord Society One Fine Day I-Fire Jaya The Cat and PETE BLUME .. I'm pretty sure there's a decent quality mp3 out there somewhere.Currently there are 6 seeders and 9 leechers so it shouldn't take much time to download. If anyone has it can they please post it or email me? In case anyone wants it, I picked up the new TV on the Radio album the other day: TV on the Radio - Dear Science, ( So far it seems like every album they've put out has been more consistent than the one before it, although I've only listened to this one once so far. I might start playing bass for these guys, but until then, it's just my friend who plays guitar/sings and his friend who drums.So, as I say, I can upload the torrent if you want me to. They're really, really fucking good, and I'm legitimately excited that I was even considered for bassings. whujndue4gz Sister City - Foma I'm sure you guys all dig the Vonnegut cover art, too.i would like to have the new rise against song;)Rise Against - Re-Education (Through Labor) ( Unfortunately it's an i Tunes download, so I don't think you'll be able to do much with the file. It asks for a password, and says that my "machine" is not authorized to play the file. Into The Unknown ( Factory.rar) This and Tokio Hotel are the two worst things that ever happened to music.I know I might get blasted for this, but does anyone have the new MXPX picture disc 7" with the songs "Coffee" and "Keep a Beat" on it?

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