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Macaitis says the company added the toggle feature to make it easier for large companies, who often organize teams using several different Slacks, to work together.

Any benefit to nonwork Slack groups was incidental.

“It’s just the least amount of friction for everyone involved.”He says the group, called Maker Hunt, now has about 850 members who exchange more than 10,000 messages per week.

“For me, it became this tool to meet interesting people all over the world,” says Jeffrey Morris, who created the website in December after bemoaning the fact that Slack had not built a search function for group discovery., “but we just aren’t actively supporting it.”And right now there doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason for them to change that approach.

The startup raised 0 million in April at a valuation of .8 billion.

Other Slack groups require a Git Hub link to prove coding chops.

One group, an “NYC founders” Slack with members that include wine entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, former NPR producer and current podcast startup founder Alex Blumberg, as well as “founders of all sorts of tech companies,” charges to join.

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