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He told me that after any woman told him she didn’t think a next date was a good idea, he told her that he respected her decision, but that if he had done anything that annoyed her, he’d love it if she’d tell him what it was.

I was fascinated, and tried to imagine myself as one of these women. How sincere would I have thought he was in his “desire to learn”?

Mary-Claire King has left a legacy studying the interaction of genetic and environmental factors in breast and ovarian cancer, schizophrenia, inherited deafness and other conditions of newborns.

Of her most notable contributions to the field, King is attributed with discovering that man and chimpanzees share 99 percent of their genes, reuniting 114 families whose grandchildren were kidnapped during the “Dirty War”, and discovering the BRCA1 gene that leads to inherited breast cancer.

But I was more intrigued by his description of his process – that he had obtained feedback even from dud dates that made him able to improve to the point of being able to meet his soulmate.

Brain Champagne – Shaun (New York) – A “clean corporate comedian” and his perspective on things.

The Dating Revolution Blog - Ross (but don’t date him, I’m pretty sure he’s engaged) – Gives equal time to men’s and women’s perspectives and tries to encourage us all to be the best daters we can be. I mean, practice anything 200 times and you’re going to get better at it.

This discovery also led the team to locate a gene that caused a rare recessive form of deafness.

In the 1990s, Bonne became the Near East representative for the Human Genome Diversity Project where she carried out their mission to collect genetic material from different populations.

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