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There exist texts, from this period, that offer instructions on how to calculate the daily movement of the life force, in the Tibetan language known as “la,” through different body parts.

In fact, in medical institutions in Tibet, astrology and medicine are intertwined.

This is important because pulse taking is a fundamental tool in Tibetan medicine that identifies several character- istics of our mental and physical health.

The exhibition also features a multimedia installation that shows the different ways in which Tibetan medicine has thrived and been adapted in today’s world.

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According to Elena Pakhoutova, the Rubin Museum’s Assistant Curator, “We intended to present Tibetan medicine through its visual history as a comprehensive tradition of medical knowledge and practice dating back to over 1,000 years which is thriving at present and is very to our 21 century visitors.”It does this by illuminating the connections between physician and artist, Buddhist ideas alongside medicine and the visual arts, and healing traditions with present-day ideas of well-being. In addition to its approximately 140 paintings,manuscripts, sculptures, and works on paper and in wood and metal,there is a pulse station that teaches visitors how to feel their pulse according to Tibetan practice.Now, small cards made from these pictures are commonly used during these initiations.For those of you who like astrology, there is a close relationship in Tibetan medicine that is traceable to sources in the Tibetan language dating back to the 9 century.They come with the caveat that a particular person’s karma, or accumulated actions, ultimately determine the outcome of any celestial occurrence.One important visual foundation of Tibetan astrology is the Great Golden Turtle.

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