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Source: New York Public Library A long rope of sweet yeast dough is tightly wrapped in a spiral around a wooden form, something like a rolling pin,and dusted with sugar.

It is then baked, slowly turning, on a rotating spit above an open flame.

Drinks are in plain sight behind a 50-foot long bar.

If you will be intrigued by the big white chandelier hanging above the bar: is the signature statement of the owners who have a long tradition in the restaurant and club business. Iancu de Hunedoara 55 – 57 (Metropolis Centre) Telephone: 0756 385.638

But this specialty of southeast Transylvania, especially in the towns and villages that include Moeciu and Fundata, may go as far back as the 14th century.

Dairy farmers needed a way to store the surplus cheese, and the local evergreen forests provided the perfect vehicle.

More on the subject at:,, Bucharest – Romania's capital city – is changing at a fast pace and its dining scene is evolving, too.

New or relatively new restaurants of note include Loft, a modern restaurant and lounge, Lacrimi si Sfinti, Bistro Jaristea and Zexe (the last three offer traditional Romanian cuisine).

Kozma makes everything by hand, in an open kitchen in plain view, introducing a whole new population to the pleasures of these tubular treats that look like giant empty cannoli.Connoisseurs and students of Romanian cuisine as well can try and enjoy the traditional dishes that are on the 'endangered list of native recipes'. [email protected] North of Bucharest, I left this century behind, and an hour later, the last one fell by the wayside, too.Hundreds year old recipes have been 'restored' and reinterpreted, flavors have been found or invented ... As I slowed the car to turn onto a dusty country road, a farmer in blue serge overalls stopped pitch-forking freshly scythed hay just long enough to give a wave, and the honeyed scent of linden flowers wafted in through the open car windows.Many traditional dishes have been renamed to remember the old times: Frivolous Danube Mackerel, Balkan Eggplant Spread, Long Way Salad, Pick Me Up soup (sour soup with 'unnecessary' bits of goose, duck, turkey and rooster), "Sentimental' Catfish, Old Fisherman's Brine, 'Accorded' Sausages (made from goose, veal and pork), Noah Baked Beans (smoked goose and beans), 'Turkey Sentry', 'Good Weather Veal'. I'd first glimpsed Transylvania through the window of a train traveling from Istanbul to Prague a decade earlier.The wine list includes native wine varieties such (a naturally sweet or semi-sweet white wine with subtle honey and basil aromas, an exquisite amber color and a persistent rich taste; its sweet taste may also suggest a blend of rose petals and wild berries) , (this native variety , displaying a ruby-red color with a stinging taste of fresh clove, was the wine of the imperial court of Vienna during the reign of Emperor Franz Josef, in the 18th century). What I'd seen then—a fascinating medieval landscape of deep forests, small, tidy farms, and fortified hilltop villages—made me want to be there, to walk its fields, to taste its food.

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