Totally odessa dating

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Todd from Delaware, a bread-delivery man who had worked seven night-shifts per week for the past six months to be able to afford the trip, has been taken to a pool club where the bill came to £250.

Chris has been taken for an overpriced meal and thinks he saw the waiter give his date a kickback after he had paid the bill.

"Western women are not – how do I put this politely – family oriented.

I was with a girl who just stole ,500 from me and disappeared, changed her phone number. They have no values." It is a complaint I will hear from almost all the men during my week in Odessa.

He is beginning to wonder whether Ukrainian women might be just as bad as their American counterparts.

"They have vaginas, and vaginas lie," he says, despairingly.

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Some of them turned off their phones, others arranged dates but did not arrive.Some of the Americans wear sharp suits and talk loudly about their property empires; others are from small towns in the Midwest and have acquired passports specially to make the trip.Most of the men are divorced and in their fifties or sixties.The oldest is 76-year-old Giuseppe, an Italian plastic surgeon, while the youngest is 29-year-old Chris, a stand-up comic from New York.With an outgoing personality and a full set of teeth, I wondered what he was doing on the tour."I realised something earlier than these guys," he says, as the group journeys across Odessa on a testosterone-filled bus to the first social.

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