Tracy edmonds dating Banglore girls for date and sex

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Sheneneh wins a date with Christopher "Kid" Reid on Martin's radio show.

Kid arrives at Sheneneh's apartment and learns that she is his biggest fan but her hospitality towards Kid makes him uneasy when she serves malt liquor and makes sexual advances at him.

But there’s a catch: Martin has to agree to go to a dinner with her that night.

(Christopher "Kid" Reid, Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell all starred in the first two House Party films.)Cole's parents interrupts Cole's evening with his girlfriend to demand back rent from their son.Martin has an argument with Gina after she listens to Martin’s radio show and hears his womanizing remarks.When Martin gets home, she calls him into the room and tells him about what she heard, and Martin gives her an attitude, so she threatens to leave him. Martin and Gina make an agreement to make up in front of Martin’s friends (Cole, Shawn, Tommy), and make it look like Martin won the argument.Tell us why you'll be walking the red carpet yourself during Super Bowl week. He's an amazing dancer, but he rarely gets on the dance floor anymore. I’m the one at a wedding or a party who can stay on a dance floor endlessly until they play a song I don’t like. I told him to get more current or get a good tailor. I have one kid in college, one in a very expensive private school. My co-host, Charissa Thompson has a second job as a correspondent for Fox Sports.Tracey Edmonds: I actually took days off from work to take a vacation. Deion and I have primary residences in two different states so we're often traveling a lot back and forth. It also gives me a chance to catch up with friends. Do you and Deion ever critique each other on your on-air skills? One of the things you have to be smart with when it comes to alpha males is when to critique and when not to. I've never taken a penny in alimony [from ex-husband Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds]. Not only do we work together but she's also become one of my closet girlfriends.

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