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And in the way that Google, Craigslist, and e Bay have changed how people share and absorb information and goods, My Space has changed how people, particularly young people (25 percent of users are under 18), share and absorb one another.

They blog, flirt, and diarize, post pictures, videos, personal artwork, songs, and poetry, and generously distribute compliments and insults.

According to Nielsen/Net Ratings, in November there were 24.5 million unique visitors.

Each day, 170,000 new members sign up, creating their own pages, filling out profiles, uploading photos, and linking to an extended network of like-minded others.

What's more startling is the way My Space has already soaked in to acquire a potent social currency.

But My Space's most unlikely character may be its conservative new owner: Rupert Murdoch.

On the second level of a shopping mall in Costa Mesa, California, a short drive down the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles, is a nightclub called Sutra Lounge.

Don't let the location fool you: to the partying young suburbanites in these parts, there is nothing incongruous about a nightclub in a shopping mall.

And, before long, he is extolling My Space."I met half of these people on there," he says, waving an arm. She makes up for it with a general lack of fabric on her upper body.

"My Space is about the There's an unlimited supply of ass. "He dashes off, and returns a moment later with a towering blonde."I met her on My Space," he says, and winks. We'll call her Jennifer."She found on My Space," Jackson says.

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