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Brooks came to playwriting at the end of his career as a physician and he revels in the complex structure and the opportunity to continually revise and reinvent the characters that he knows and loves so well.

"I love the creative process," he said about his work as a playwright. It's a work of love." The play strives to reach out to generations of young people who are growing up with the Holocaust in danger of fading into a more distant memory.

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Whether you are the descendant of a survivor, or simply wouldn't be here today if it weren't for a survivor; whether you have made sharing a survivor's story part of your mission or had one meaningful moment when a survivor touched your life, we want to get your story -- and their story -- out there.

To pitch your idea, write a paragraph describing what your piece would be about and send it to [email protected] Friday, April 15.

It's an affecting play that causes the characters and audience to engage in the struggle between questioning and faith, responsibility and anger, and how morality can shift and change in the wake of nearly impossible experiences. The impression that the war-torn landscape left on him was inescapable, and resulted in this work that he is proud and passionate to continue evolving, hopefully for audiences all across the country.

The plot and characters were originally inspired by stories from Brooks' wife's family and his own time serving as a physician in the U. With productions in Los Angeles, New York, and now Chicago, the play's broad appeal reaches beyond the Jewish and immigrant communities to communicate themes connecting with the survivor in everyone.

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