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A I* X I* Angle Orarky^t li J attached til the 2r Triangu Ur Plate 14 by a lock-nutted r Bolt, iortu^ a i- 3; J of Ku.

94; 2 ot Nw Eci:cntric 11« The ariil of the Kcctiiuic is extended by a 2^' Strip, ^vhich h tock^nutled to ^ T Triangular Plate 12 that, is bolted to ibr frr^irie of thp saw.

ine a I* diamf^tpfp j* faci* rittion 13; Pisnon t3 mf sties with a S7*tanth Ctear ou tiie output shaft 14, which i*r mounted in T Strif^ i Mjtted to the ht^Uiln R.

Motbr and this monih J am glad to illustrate «tii efficient arrangeui Hit in which the the main parts of thl^ 4 r* * i i I I ( t I * THE MECCANO MAGAZINE 417 Fig. applied such a^ An atitoniafic rfci^ersing different models \Mth its that aid iean be lo rnati Y transporter bridges c^n b^ opeiiitcd i.^onllnuouftly without attention^ bo? A T Huion 9 is fr^-^ to tnnioii a I J* ho U f^xrd to ihf horsing by twn jiuu. irtft Ift ciiip^-^ Itks J^lt the housing a i' Pillion 11 and a 1' Goar I*i, and ont&ide the h Ou*!

Its pure emulsified oils put life into Dry Hair and impart a splendid gloss. Lrd.j Siamnorfi Middix* men do 36/388 A "MODEL SHOP" Does it Again! new design compensating bogie is fitted and tnm vehicle! -13(10 «iigiues and hns a top speed of "233 ai.p.h. M of jusl how big iht*'Ciirn}- joinmg 5|^and 'r Strips, Formed Double Angle Strip, the bolts also hnldinw Slotted Strips are attacied to the com- 12^* Strips, which arr attached five holes pound strips by Obtuse Angle ntackets, from the end of the compound strip.

Don't take any chances, Bry^lcrcctn your hair to be sure I Use Brylcreem . PASSENGER COACHES «c ACCESSORIES for your Gauge ^0' Mode! are tupplied with corridor connections^ These low-prtccd G:tug& '0' passenger coaches will be an attractive feature of your railway *' flies Tiex L venr. The and the i' Bolts joining them so beam pivots m\ a G" corti pound rod formed ly two 3* Rods connected Rod Connector. Strips S bv a poimd, each Cf Jiisisthig of a 5 are com I " 2 a a ■2i Strip, and they i^tt joined h\' H Pivot Bul L 9 and a f" Bolt 10 \ ^ich also carrv — L Pul T e VJi.

Railway BRl Tt SH RAILWAYS PASSENGER third cta»» corridor and brakes, finished in B R COACHES third c]aj« colours^ A Firit or composite -. Tlie is raised ^ Cords by which the span are attached loosclv to th^ i^ Pullej's atid then tied to tlieopi THting liod in the tower, !

alnio Ht equal spaces, both are rerdisli and attractive fn a They occupy interest in the enginet^nn^ and Side o f the r a i Iwa V ' s c activities.

Uj U/' and in the Ho r n b y - D n b 1 o bo k le t *'Ra it L ay out S t iggffsl i on? Ui develop a system in which a realistic main line h the prindpa J nre. Note ihc Dinky Toy motor vehicle backed up to the abed doorway. RL-membcrt ^nprlles are strictly limftcdi ^o s§nd TO^DAV for thisa Bsolutely FREE GIFT* Enclose 6d* for packing and postage and reqiiestourfamous App TO%*alsfot:cth^r with illustrated price llsr of albums, packets anc?

There is a U^avs some ■ IS taken off which branches out into two ^och I^ sidings, roints nre arranged to fonn and tra iling crossovers ne mnor and thij outer main fresh, an^le tp consider in the development twcen of a realistic r Ai Uvay, sy Mem. These pointa are separated bv individual owners give special ntion to Tsdating Kails, and as each main line has its own Transformer I— — ^^ * and Cuntroller. This of course ' is normal Hornby- Duli Ki' practice nowadays, and it has Ijocu i"cf erred to several times in the ". Good use is made erf Dinky Toys and other Items of lineside tn Strest • fencing stoutlv constructed of wire and of this This is the work of H. Further ttpproval5 firf NEVER St-nt unless yon ask W, R1T£ TO-DAY, \Ve pay postage one wav. (PXSJ 104, Liverpool Road, Southport, I ^^i STAMP PAGE ALBUM Ht^r L'^s a FREE Stamp ALBUM fo Tyoit*Thistnfl Sniticcni offer L tp T one w^eck only, io send IMMEDIATELY^ It u the ideal a'bum for beginnert or foi holding duplicates* The cover i:^ most a Eiracrrvdy designed in TWO COLOURS, there iitc 64 PAGES containing 120 fu ILii:cd i Uusi rations wtth spaces for new lisues. SQCjitamps, INDHXED and con^ rajns mucht useful information. SPECIAL COUNTRY PACKETS a 1^ 50 Austria 5u Belgium 50 Br, Empire SO Canada SO China .

High Craimf (Picrti O Mcuabcrs* art p,*rtj(UJlarlv enthusiastic abotii track Jnectini,'^. th e fccurs 422 THE MECCANO MAGAZINE Th ote in Hornby-Dublo Layouts ARTHTY u J interest is one of the greatest advantages of the miniature ntilwav hobbv. wiir be according to present plans, an There is trtiich iq be stud for roa (f-rail Ap p t*op r I a t e of working y'\\ be devised. Many readers have developed idcias of their own in this dirt.'Cti Dn. of their well Attention to the lineside and scenic tjcnefallv i^ anion*? "Wants" lists of singles {nr»t rn Krtri*-;^ are ahvavs ivdcome and we realh* do try to oblice you.

has be^rt added lo th L-iayuul and the mnstructioii i-f a Jargi' li X'^fti Wiivt- tl^^pfn is in hand, talks havr- tp^Pb Cohwn Uav. ^Soro lallci have bet-u Jjitrcjd N J Dnni-an, **nunrae/* 41, Kve Jyn Tf Tragt;, triiffi V. E^^ biiigram of the lavoiil -showing the rails required; 27 A2, 24 n U 2 f R2t 3 I'L2, and 3 Buffer Stops. \M*i h^v-^ produced an on to the floor in the event of anv mishaj) attri Ctive countryside setting for hi*t ami dernilmenta; although really un- * rai Uvav- H^re again the railway it^_clf i^ necessary now for this purpose it has been not iefabon Lt"', but it provides Bufficienl retained uwini^ lo its ploasin^ reali:itic track for realistic working of passcnj^cr or effect. ing exteu Hively employed as in many miniature con Ht Tuctlon jnbs now- Tlicre ' is one e A LMS., N. are used for goods work and all mixed traffic duties, empty stnck working and so on. Kol Hu R Stock is numerous atid varied V -I '" "people" in Hornby-Dublo or Toy land have to live somewhere, there are three juiuiature show, up prominently In the photograph, Tlicse are neat structures assembled from especiuily the goods ^tock, and there are the well-known "Bay ko" building sets. / So far no definite system of time n \'ssible bv the inclubiuh of Hnmbv TJublo K ail s a iu\ tnifhc are from the Dinky Toys Sam:e of the \'ehicles used as taxis are range. No actually saloon type cars that have to act doubt when the railwav is extended, as it as (iri\ate itcles. and Fortif^n Ntixed lots* plus a book of sets, atid a gt^nerous discouu't of T purchases.

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