Uncensored chat bot

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When using the software, users have entire control to set specific alerts and dive deeper to understand what’s driving any result.

This could also provide data from seemingly short and trivial conversations. What i'm trying to find is a real-life human-human chat so my bot would search for the last 10-15 (for example) messages and find the one that better fits to the most probable answer given by the analysis of that chat database. Hall is strange, his answers are based on users recommended outputs. Thanks for your answer, i downloaded the Alice AAA, and checked the pandorabots and the Verbot, i could not find the Hall, but they are all rule-based AI, they need a large database of question-answer pairs to work and they cannot maintain an 'intelligent' notion of the current topic.The computer’s logic is transparent, so employees may get a clear insight of its reasoning.2. In large organizations with 10,000 employees in one department, managers are struggling to provide performance management.With natural language generation, the data may be automatically gathered and analyzed to create a relevant development plan and assign coaching.

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