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Leone, after learning at the Farm about seducing information out of people and what that looks and sounds like, suspects Shelby, who he knows as “Jane,” of being an undercover operative.

She however is expertly able to put his fears at ease. And in a C story, Farm trainee and all around good guy Sebastian Chen has returned from some sort of religious excursion, and is struggling with the moral implications of his assignment.

Fourth of all, I get that The Farm is the part of the CIA that’s a little more comfortable working outside the typically accepted standards of ethics, but Ryan and Alex are assigned to sleep with the bride and groom, respectively. And because it’s the sexy primetime CIA show, the bride and groom are both REALLY into it immediately. In other plotlines, Alex’s best friend Shelby is deep undercover dating Alex’s fellow Farm trainee Leone. She kind of just decided to take on this mission on her own.

Unclear why, but I am hoping that it’s because this is the first episode I’ve ever watched.

In this episode, it’s “seduction.” Here’s my problem (well, one of my problems) with the show. They are all stunningly attractive and young and charming and likable.

I just can’t suspend my disbelief that everyone in the CIA is a model. That guy couldn’t even play a janitor at the CIA in this world.

She may as well have shaken her head smiling, looked to camera and freeze-framed, 1980’s heartwarming family sitcom credits roll. Anyway, once in Miranda’s car, Alex tells her “Give me one reason to trust you.” Miranda replies that she is one of the terrorists. Paul is working as an undercover operative at The Tracking Board, investigating a rogue group from within, and is currently at the center of a conspiracy that nobody but he magically knows about.

You’ll notice at the bottom of this review is a big fat “C” for the ABC drama’s mid-season premiere. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, seeing as how some of these network dramas returning after a long hiatus are really held down by trying to catch the viewer up to speed on where they left off.

When we pick up, Alex is being interrogated by a sassy woman (whole lotta sass on this show) named Wyland, who needs to be convinced that Alex is not a part of said conspiracy.

Their instructor, Owen, also happens to be a criminal mastermind, or so I heard a character say.

From what I’ve read, it appears a theme of this season has been that each episode we flash back from the hostage situation to Owen teaching The Farm trainees a different lesson about being a CIA operative.

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