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The key to successfully clearing the ramps is to keep the car's speed within the two indicated points on the car's speedometer, which move closer to each other after every jump.

Track Mania Original is a version of Track Mania that runs on the Sunrise graphics engine.

A large number of tracks for both the original and sequel are available on the community-driven site TM Exchange website.

Skins and 3D car models are also available from the community – Track Mania Carpark having the most car models.

These can be used to buy different building blocks, usually called "blocks", for their track, including regular roads, checkpoints, long bends, loop-the-loops, and jumps, which all snap to a grid automatically.

Regular roads can be dragged to create straight sections as well as 90 degree corners.

Mini Track Mania is a simple, online, Macromedia Flash game developed by Inbox Digital to promote Track Mania Sunrise.

On January 27, 2006, Nadeo released Track Mania Nations, partly as a promotion for the Electronic Sports World Cup, and also for Track Mania itself.

In multiplayer games, however, multiple cars race on the same track and cannot collide or otherwise influence each other.

Track Mania includes some pre-constructed tracks that players can race on to unlock "coppers", the in-game currency.

These include the ability to import new car models and customize many more aspects of the game.

"Sunrise" features improved Internet connectivity and implements a peer-to-peer system allowing players to share car models, skins, and more.

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