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I don't have the same problem with PHP, which I assume fits in the apache toolchain in a similar way.Nor did I have this problem with Apache1, though Apache2 is much more Sys V-like in its config architecture, with drop-in module directories and such, rather than the big file of apache1, so maybe I'm just missing something, config-wise.7 cd httpd-2.4.9 export CC=/usr/bin/gcc export CPP=/usr/bin/cpp ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache2/ --enable-mods=most --enable-auth-basic --enable-rewrite --with-included-apr --with-pcre=/usr/local/pcre make clean make make install # httpd -V Server version: Apache/2.4.16 (Unix) Server built: Jul 31 2015 Server's Module Magic Number: 201202 Server loaded: APR 1.4.8, APR-UTIL 1.5.2 Compiled using: APR 1.4.8, APR-UTIL 1.5.2 Architecture: 64-bit Server MPM: prefork threaded: no forked: yes (variable process count) Server compiled with....It's been a long while since mod_perl was really updated and seems like its development stoped at Apache 2.2.

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Activity there appears to be very consistent with active usage, and the developer Steve Hay (to whom the commits above are attributed) commented as recently as June 23, 2014, that they are very close to releasing version 2.0.9 with support for Apache 2.4.I'm an experienced programmer, but I have never done anything like this before and have only my main machine to work on. I tried yesterday to compile it from source (github.com/apache/mod_perl/tree/trunk) The git repo didn't have some dependencies so I grabbed those from the 2.0 source (apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-2.0gz).I don't mind spending some time to figure this out, but I can't afford to bork my local server. I was able to run The Changes file lists this version as 2.0.9-dev Xcode 6.01 won't cut it--it's apache headers will make mod_perl think you're running apache 2.2.26; get Xcode 6.1 (released Oct 20). PL will still have trouble finding ap_release.h (to get your apache version).I've been waiting for it to become available for Apache 2.4 for now a very long while, but that hasn't happened yet.I've been trying to find an updated answer (for 2014) about its current state but all I find is very old posts in forums and mailing lists.

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