Updating asus eee kernel

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Here's a quick and easy guide on how to upgrade the memory inside your 700 series (4G or 8G) Eee PC.

Here it is, at last : the article on how to change this eee PC for an other one, more powerful and even less expensive ;-) It's a 1015PX if you want to know. Because of an unrecoverable UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME critical (blue screen of death) Windows error.

It suggests discharging the battery completely until the machine shuts down from lack of power.

I haven't tried it, but will do next time I have the issue. However that was already been done and was even harmful to my sys since the BIOS is now alerting me about the OS.

Moreover, the 901 had enhanced batteries which offer 10h autonomy (7h30 when working, 6h30 when consuming a lot of power) With its 9" screen (1024x600), it is the perfect netbook.

I use it all day long, of course connected to a large secondary display and a true keyboard when in the office ;-) Also, it has SSD disks while newer models re-use basic hard drives, wich is an heresy for a lighweight netbook.

My lovely brand-new ASUS Eee from Myer may have been a shop-soiled demo model.

It wasn't a virgin system but one that had played the field with many.

With its dual-core Atom 270 @ 1,6GHz, it's powerful enough for my day-to-day work (databases of dozens of millions rows, a webserver...) (1) 08/10/2011 remark : the Atom N270 is NOT a dual-core CPU, but it smells like it is : it has Hyperthreading.

So it's a single-core, 2 threads CPU ; in the process manager it looks as if you had 2 cores, and upon useage it also behaves exactly like that.

My newer machine has a dual-core, 4 threads CPU (N570) which behaves as if you had 4 cores...

Do you want to get a little more out of your Asus Eee PC?

Upgrade that stock 512MB memory module with a 1 or 2GB module.

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