Updating garmin nuvi 260

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The Garmin guys said I can put the device in GPS simulator mode and enter an South American Address to see it working, but if I get nothing but North American options.

If I disable the North America map, I get no results at all.

Just checking - under "tools / settings / map / map info" do you see two maps listed or just one?

IMHO the quarterly updates are worth it if you plan on owning the unit for longer than 1 year.

I figure if I can keep this up long enough it might be my lifetime that will run out first.

That said, I downloaded the latest maps this afternoon and was pleased to see that the freeway sign thingy has finally come to America's sixth largest city.

As far as I know that was never the case and you can still buy a lifetime maps for the 760 as of a few minutes ago: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do? I have had my 255W for a bit over two years and I just purchased the first map update a couple of months ago.

If the 255W is still working two years from now, I might purchase another map update then.

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