Updating hpux patces

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You can use HP-UX patches to update HP-UX software without having to completely reinstall your system application.

Hewlett-Packard provides several methods to patch HP-UX systems: The HP-UX OE media provides standard HP-UX patch bundles for HP-UX core file sets and applications, plus diagnostic products.

You can find the document at to Patch Management).

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Please note that 1012 in the patch name indicates the year and month (YYMM). In June and December for HP-UX 11i Version 2 In March and September for HP-UX 11i Version 3 Q: Does CA Patch Manager support Hardware Enablement and Feature Enablement patches? Q: Are there any perquisites for CA Patch Manager In order to create a 'CA - HP-UX 11.23/11.31 Quality Pack Patch Bundle XXXX'? "CA UPM Manual Download Function" package is required to be installed on the UPM Server. What are the detailed logs to check the QPK patch bundle installation information deployed by CA Patch Manager?

( QX: QXCR1000968036 ) An intermittent connectivity loss occurs in the compartment-enabled environment Checking with HP we have found that there is one patch for this specific release (HP-UX 11.31) which when installed will resolve this OS Bug issue.

When we installed this patch in our environment we were able to get rid of this issue.

Hello Fellow Members, I have recently installed and configured SAP Router with SNC.

Environment was HP-UX 11.31 with latest kernel and updated patches.

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