Updating my gps maps

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The map datafile, for the Europe map, is now about 2.5 Gb which does take some time to download and also over an hour to install.

Time doesn't matter as long as you eventually get the whole update ok.

Even my ancient GPS was quicker (till it was dropped on the floor and broke...) What speed is your Internet connection?

Some of the map updates are very large and will be slow on a slower connection, plus there may be others downloading at the same time.

I suggest you, if time elapsing seems to be exaggerate, to stop and restart the download (last Garmin European map update was 3 hour download! Do a mirror download of a file to check pout the computer performance. Obviously if you are on dial-up there will be ridiculous download times, but on fast broadband it should be only around 3-5 minutes max.

Business travelers often find themselves in unfamiliar territory, in which case the guidance of a GPS unit can be invaluable.

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