Updating pc bios

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We focus on tools to get your testing job done correctly, the first time.

Providing proprietary testing solutions for Intel-compatible or PC hardware platforms – including the latest UEFI is a specialty.

Lesser volume refurbishers require a more hands-on approach to manage Microsoft COA operating system keys.

Manufactures and refurbishers absolutely need reliable computer diagnostic tools.

Not only do the tools need to be reliable they also need to be highly usable in your process.

Diagnostics also need to fit into the process in an automated fashion to ensure process repeatability and scalability.

PC Builder also provides multi-phase test configurability allowing you to make a single test script work differently for different test phases.

and an inspection of the case for scratches and required stickers is conducted.If incorrect choices are made, they may not be easily noticed as they would if an incorrect flash utility is attempted.Costly operating keys are lost, potential marketing funds too.Application installation can involve manually running various setup scripts.Imaging PCs with an operating system is more involved than merely blasting an image onto the drive; some setup steps are required in order to get the operating system installed correctly.

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