Updating security procedures and scheduling security audits Shemailchat nl

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So this is why I believe this is another important procedure to have in place for the organisation.

In my opinion this is a really important policy to be implemented by the organisation, as I believe that having this will increase security dramatically in an organisation.These are put in place so that the organisation can see what is happening around the organisation for example cameras in an organisation are used to see what is happening around the organisation.This policy is a law that needs to be implemented to every organisation so that they can monitor their surveillance camera 24 hours.Also reviewing current measures of security in order to make sure the current system is reliable and finding ways to improve it. email usage Establishing the rules for using the email system within the organisation e.g. internet usage policy Internet should be used for only business related tasks. risk management; Carrying out risk assessments and providing employees with updated health and safety guidelines. Middle It is used in combination with activity logs to make it easier to see whose done what.business related enquiries only, not for personal use, e.g. ensuring compliance including disciplinary procedures We should make sure all employees are aware of the consequences of not sticking to the company policies. informing them of disciplinary steps if a serious breach of company policy is committed e.g.

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