Updating social security information stephane lambiel dating

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I found this out the hard way on my first visit to my local SSA—the staff refused to update my record with the letter I was sent by my physician, which included laser-printed black and white letterhead and no signature.

On my second attempt, they accepted my certification that WAS on letterhead and had my physician’s signature.

However, if you don’t want to sit and wait too long, it’s probably a good idea to visit either early morning or shortly before the office closes.

When I wanted to update my gender with Social Security, we arrived at one of the offices about 30 minutes before it opened and waited in line outside.

Despite the best efforts to certify that staff is trained, regulations permitting you to change documentation may be fairly new in some cases and the employee you end up dealing with may not know them.

Go Early Morning or Shortly Before Closing Time The timing of when you visit your SSA office is up to you.

Also, you may be required to check in either electronically or with a receptionist at the location.If you are a United States citizen, you should have a certified copy of your birth certificate (in many cases, the state or local seal will be embossed on the document). Original Documents Only, Please When you want to change your gender with Social Security, ensure that all documents you submit are originals.They will NOT accept copies for any reason, and if you’re attempting to update your records in person you risk wasting your time and effort.Specifically, you might need to update your gender with Social Security.The Social Security Administration has posted a set of guidelines to assist transgender individuals with this process.

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