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Read Korean 만화 (comics) every day for free and for purchase using the Naver Webtoons app.The comics are sorted by popularity, upload date and title so you can find what you love easily.It can even help you master multiple languages while having fun, no sweat.So, without further ado, here’s how to unlock the endless possibilities of your smartphone and learn Korean using apps.Available in 33 languages—which is very convenient if English isn’t your mother tongue—this free app will change the way you learn Korean vocabulary.It features a wealth of examples and model sentences to show you how to best use words, popular Korean idioms and even grammatical structures in context.Be sure to add the Korean keyboard to your mobile device if you choose to search content by title.

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Everyday (or so) we post a new useful word / phrase which we hope anyone studying Korean or living / visiting Korea might find useful.To top it off, downloading the app gives you 24/7 access to Naver’s very comprehensive encyclopedia, a large database of information-packed articles in Korean to help you discover important and fascinating aspects of Korean culture.Android | i OSPrice: Free If you weren’t already thrilled with Naver, this fantastic app will renew your appreciation for the Korean Internet giant.We particularly love the ability to create your own wordbooks where you can add and save useful vocabulary lists.Be sure to browse the lists regularly to memorize recently viewed words more efficiently.

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