Validating a high performance programmable secure coprocessor

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=-=[7]-=- Other reports [4, 3, 8] present our experiences in bringing such a device into existence as a COTS product, the IBM 4758.

The same issues that complicate configuring the box also complicate outbound ...

It would be interesting to explore the interaction of our OA work with these ideas as well as the longer history of work in securely booting desktops =-=[1, 7, 27]-=-. The analysis and design presented in this paper made some implicit assumptions about what entities may certify, and about how relying parties draw conclusions. Citation Context ...tructure (although the full details are not yet public).

As Maurer =-=[14, 17]-=- formalized, a relying party’s validation algorithm needs to consider which entities that party trusts.

Our experience showed that parties have a wide variety of trust views that change dynamically. Citation Context ...figuration of remote desktop machines.

Many other applications—including auctions [6], e-commerce co-servers =-=[10]-=-, and mobile agents [15]—can also benefit from the high-assurance neutral environment that secure coprocessors provide.

One necessary step for achieving this potential is building high-assurance, prog...

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