Validating identity xp wpa

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Wi-Fi Protected Access implements a sub-set (or instance, if you like) of the IEEE's 802.1x authentication standards for wireless networks, and does so in a method compliant with the (at time of writing) forthcoming 802.11i standard.WPA provides for both authentication (assuring the identity of a client machine, the supplicant) and encryption (ensuring exchanges between the wireless access point and client are secure).This computer has two physical network interfaces, goes into the back of the AP, both on different Class C subnets.

WEP uses RC4 cryptography usually with a fixed key of 64 to 256 bits in length, and because of this an attack on a WEP-secured network can be mounted by collecting packets for analysis and extracting the key from them.

This document is intended as a practical document with a view to getting WPA authentication up-and-running as quickly and as easily as possible.

We therefore gloss over most of the theory behind 802.1x, WPA, cryptosystems, digital signatures and certificates, etc.

Firstly, the DSL modem; secondly, an Ethernet switch.

Finally, there is a computer in its own right in the unit running Busy Box Linux 0.60.4 (2.4 series kernel), complete with tools like IPTables for firewalling, etc.

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